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Nothing is more inspiring than watching an eagle do what comes naturally; gliding effortlessly, using the shifting air currents to steer itself to greater heights until it’s nearly out of sight. While flying may be instinctive, fledglings start by taking small, uncertain steps out of the nest. They repeatedly move from branch to branch, flapping their wings to strengthen their muscles and build confidence. And when it’s time, they take that daring leap of faith into the unknown and let the wind carry them where they are meant to be.

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Kelly McDonnell Certified Life Coach
I walked away from a career that was lucrative but spirit-crushing because I don’t believe that success and personal satisfaction are mutually exclusive. I think you can have it all… success, fulfillment, abundance, freedom. As a Certified Life Coach, I get to spend each day helping others discover their life purpose and find their own path to happiness and fulfillment. I’d like to say it doesn’t get any better than this… but I have every reason to believe that it can....Read More…..


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